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Polly Weldon, DVM

Polly Weldon

Polly Weldon, DVM

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Weldon was born and raised right here in Jacksonville, Florida. She enjoyed the island life at Ross University in St. Kitts for one year of vet school before transferring to the University of Florida to complete the rest of her veterinary degree. In vet school, Dr. Weldon took a particular interest in research, becoming involved in projects investigating viral diseases of the Indian Mongoose and parasites of feral horse populations. She also published a paper identifying a novel virus of the critically endangered spider tortoise and presented research at several national veterinary conferences.

Dr. Weldon was honored with multiple national science writing awards and four senior awards from the University of Florida for her interest in public health, sighthound medicine, and veterinary leadership. After graduation, she accepted a mentorship position with First Coast Veterinary Emergency and Specialists to work with one of the finest emergency medicine teams in the state.

Dr. Weldon has a particular interest in infectious disease, public health, and collaborative medicine. In her free time, she enjoys bird-watching, wildlife photography, scuba diving, and going to Jaguars games (“this is our year!”) as a season ticket holder. She has a dog, a cat, and a salamander at home.